How Can I be a Socially Responsible Consumer?

How to Use the Web for Socially Responsible Shopping 

A great way to see how the corporations you buy from rate on their political influence, worker’s and human rights, fair trade practices, business ethics and their impact on the government go to.

Learn how all your favorite products from dish soap to peanut butter to cars rate based safety, health and green and ethical rankings. You an also download the Good Guide iPhone app to help you shop responsibly when you’re on the go!

Discover how different companies affect the Earth’s climate and how they are working to reduce their environmental footprint at

A French website that allows you to preview over 13,000 company’s social, financial and environmental impacts as well as how they treat their employees.

Want to voice your opinions, ratings or research about the ethical, environment and corporate policies of a company? Go to to share your thoughts and read what other people are saying.

Some more links for Sustainable/Fair Trade Purchasing

Thanks to the Office of Sustainability

For information of clothing labels:

For information on food labels: